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Entertainment & Nightlife in St Kitts & Nevis


As far as entertainment goes, St Kitts & Nevis offer expatriates and tourists alike wonderful entertainment in the form of great restaurants, nightclubs, bars and plenty of water sports and beach activities. Prices may be high for these items since they are targeted to tourists.

St Kitts

A number of hotels and inns have string or steel bands to dance to on Saturday nights in the peak season, and there is a disco called J’s Place at the foot of the Brimstone Hill Fortress in St Kitts. Reflections Night Club, also in St Kitts, is open until the early hours.

St Kitts has two casinos in Frigate Bay, complete with slot machines, roulette wheels and blackjack tables.

St Kitts is the home of an annual music festival, one of the biggest one in the Caribbean with top jazz, R&B, reggae, and even gospel singers for the four-day event.

The outdoor festival usually held each June attracts people from all over the islands, who come to enjoy music. It is one of about 30 music festivals that take place in the Caribbean each year. Stars like David Rudder, Chaka Khan, Earl Klugh and Culture have been at earlier festivals.

St Kitts is a beautiful, agriculture island, which gives the impression that it's peaceful and calm. However, people here like to party, and they really strut their stuff each year during the annual Carnival, held each year over the Christmas holidays.

This traditional Caribbean festivity, marked by dancing in the streets, masquerade dancers, and parades in which everybody gets dressed up for the occasion, is a true look at island culture. Days become nights, and nights blend into the days, and no one knows the difference. It's party time.

Carnivals began in Trinidad, but have spread throughout the Caribbean over the years, even though the wildest and largest is held in Trinidad. These street festivals, including St Kitts, usually include steel pan bands and 'mockojumbies', an old African tradition of dancing on stilts, dressed in colourful outfits to drive away evil spirits.


In Nevis, Club Trenim is recommended. Otherwise, entertainment centres around the pleasant bars of the inns and hotels.





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