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Getting Around in St Kitts & Nevis

By Water

There are regular passenger ferry services on the MV Caribe Queen, the Sea Hustler and the Carib Breeze, between Basseterre (St Kitts) and Charlestown (Nevis) with a few sailings daily (journey time about 45 minutes).

By Rail

There is a scenic railroad tour that goes through portions of the narrow gauge railroad formerly used for the sugar mill. If more than one large cruise ship visits the island, organised train tours can fill the train.

By Road

Traffic drives on the left. A good road network on both islands makes any area accessible within minutes. Extra care must be taken at night as roads are not well lit.

Bus & Taxi

There are privately run bus services, which are comfortable and make regular, but unscheduled, runs between villages. Micro buses form the public transportation system on the island. These are much cheaper than taxis and can be flagged down while in route. If they are full, the driver will flash their lights and proceed on. Service does not generally extend to Frigate Bay or the Southern Peninsula. That is the domain of taxis. Taxis and buses use the same format of micro buses, the difference is that taxis have a yellow licence plate and start with the letter T and buses have a green one which starts with the letter H.

Taxi services on both islands have set rates. A schedule of taxi rates is obtainable at the government headquarters. There is a 50% surcharge between 10 pm-6 am. Taxi drivers expect a 10% tip.

Car & Moped Rental

A selection of cars and mopeds can be rented from several companies. It is best to book cars through the airline well in advance. When renting scooters safety equipment is not included in the price; those renting these must bear this in mind as other road users do not usually give scooters due consideration.

Documentation: Before driving any vehicle, including motorcycles, a local Temporary Driver’s Licence must be obtained from the Police Traffic Department. This is readily issued on presentation of an International Driving Permit or national driving licence and a fee.





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