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Shopping in St Kitts & Nevis


Shopping on the St Kitts & Nevis can be pleasurable. Necessities are easy to find; however since all items must be shipped in, you are unlikely to find a wide range of products. Since tourism is a huge industry on the islands, you will be able to find many tourist type products and services and there are plenty of markets for bargain hunters.

Local crafts include carvings, batik, wall hangings, leather art and coconut work. Local textiles and designs are also available. Stamp collectors should note the excellent Philatelic Bureaux in Basseterre and Charlestown. Duty-free shopping is relatively new to St Kitts and, as yet, only a few shops feature imported merchandise at substantial savings. Nevis’ hot pepper sauce, ranked among the Caribbean’s best, is a good take-home item and can be bought at the Main Street grocery in Charlestown.

Shopping hours are generally Monday to Saturday 8:30 am-12 noon and 1 pm-4 pm; some shops close early on Thursday.

St Kitts

Basseterre has a decent selection of small stores on its several primary streets. They offer restaurants, souvenirs, jewelers and native crafts, plus nearly everything needed for daily life by its citizens and visitors.

Shopping malls on St Kitts include TDC Mall and Pelican Mall. Friday and Saturday are the busy market days, and visitors should not miss the chance to witness this abundance of exotic food stalls, accompanied by lively local chatter.

Among other crafts, the island produces and offers high-quality batik, in the form of cloth, clothing and numerous kinds of home decorations and accessories.

In the past several years, the waterfront has been filled in to create a sizeable, duty-free, open-air shopping mall catering primarily to visitors. As of Fall 2009, most of the many storefronts were occupied by a good range of merchants, with more being built, but not rapidly.





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