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Immigration - Work Permit in St Kitts & Nevis

It is the long-standing policy of the Government of St Kitts & Nevis that its nationals deserve their fair chance to be employed in their own country. And, like every other nation, St Kitts & Nevis requires employers to apply for Government’s permission to employ non-locals, and, in the process of such application, to notify the general public, through the local media, about the job(s), which the employers wish to have filled.

Work permit applications and renewals are processed annually, based on the premise that whereas at the time of first application, there may not have been locals suitably qualified or available to take up the relevant jobs, one year later the situation might have changed.

What has been happening in the past is that applications to renew work permits for non-locals were granted almost automatically, without the public notification prescribed at the beginning of the process in year one, thereby wrongly depriving citizens of St Kitts & Nevis of their fair and reasonable chance for employment in the land of their birth.

For foreigners seeking employment in St Kitts & Nevis, a valid passport, return tickets and proof of employment (e.g. a letter of invitation, or letter of employment) are necessary documents. The employer applies for work permit for foreign workers to the National Security/Immigration where the application is forwarded to the Department of Labour. The employer must also advertise locally for two weeks for local job hires.

General requirements for applying a work permit are:

• birth certificate;
• passport;
• a police certificate or affidavit;
• affidavit of support;
• one passport-size photograph;
• birth certificate of spouse (if applicable);
• birth certificate of each unmarried child under 18 years (if applicable);
• evidence of offer of employment;
• results of an HIV test (not more than six months old).

Requirements for re-applying a work permit are:

• the applicant must have a prospective employer prior to applying;
• an application form comprising 24 questions;
• the applicant's birth certificate;
• the applicant's valid passport;
• a police certificate;
• a recent colour photo;
• an HIV test from a recognised institution;
• fee of EC$1,500 per year.





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